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The Behaviour Gap: Work, Save, Invest

Whenever we are faced with things that we don’t understand, it can generate anxiety and fear. Real people often do obsess over the consequences of future events, even if they are almost always beyond our control. So here are three things to remember when you feel like you have no control of understanding of how the world is about to change:

Choosing an Executor: When a Corporate Executor Is A Good Choice

By Marla Shragge, LLB, CFP, TEP, Wealth Planning Group

Jim and Jane were pleased with themselves. They were finally meeting with their lawyer, Simone, to have new wills prepared to replace their outdated wills. After providing details of their assets, explaining their family circumstances and outlining their estate distribution plans, Jim and Jane hesitated when Simone asked: Who is to be your executor when each of you dies? And who is to look after your estate once both of you have died? This was something they hadn’t considered, so they asked her for guidance.

The Surprising Science Of Happiness

Dan Gilbert, a Harvard pyschologist, is the author of the national bestseller book, Stumbling on Happiness. In this Ted Talk video, he explains two different kinds of happiness and how when things don’t go as planned, our minds can synthesize or rationalize happiness.