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Get Cyber Safe: How To Protect Yourself

Protecting your identity online has become more important than ever as we switch our everyday activities to doing them online. Shopping online, paying bills and booking travel all require us to input sensitive information that cyber criminals will gladly take if they could.

Expectations & Reality

Expectations are very tricky because they’re almost always wrong. But our expectations drive our behaviour anyway. We are programmed that way. In fact it is a genetic trait of humans to base our view of the future (our expectations) on the past; we have very little else to base it on. But we have very short-term memories, so our natural inclination is to define the past as the very recent past.

Buck The Herd Instinct And Follow These 5 Steps For Better Returns

Original article by Michael Nairne, Financial Post, Jan. 30, 2015

With falling interest rates and plunging oil prices battering investors’ psyches, many of the same questions creep into investors’ minds: What kind of return are stocks going to end up delivering this year? Which market is going to do better – Canada or the United States? Are interest rates ever going to go back up and when? How do I approach bonds this year, given the market?