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Gravel Road Investing

Owners of all-purpose motor vehicles often appreciate their cars most when they leave smooth city freeways for rough gravel country roads. In investment, highly diversified portfolios can provide similar reassurance.

Kids, Wealth & Consequences

This book is written by Richard A. Morris & Jayne A. Pearl

Review by Jeff Thorsteinson

Clients often discuss with us what money can provide for themselves and their family. We also talk about how wealth can fuel dysfunction for those who haven’;t earned their wealth. To explore these concepts deeper, we recommend reading Kids, Wealth and Consequences. The book provides an iterative chapter-by-chapter process that leads parents to a deeper understanding of themselves and what their choices and actions mean for their children.

Top 3 Things To See In Barcelona

By Debra Tarigan

I recently came back from a whirlwind adventure to Portugal and Spain and one of our must-see stops was Barcelona. I had heard a little bit about their amazing architecture but did not know what to expect. What I saw were awe-inspiring buildings and fantasy like structures that only a mad genius could dream up.


It surprised me how useful I found this question. We expect to hear “why” from a therapist or counselor, but not our financial adviser. It seems so insignificant, yet “why” is likely one of the most important questions we have.

Why is money important to you?