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2015 Year in Review

Looking back at 2015, many of us will remember the stories and headlines that caught the world’s attention: terrorist atrocities in Paris, European refugee crisis, the price of oil plunging to around USD $33 per gallon, the weakening of our dollar compared with the USA, and China’s stock market correction in July, to name a few.

The Patience Principle

By Jim Parker,  Vice President, DFA Australia Limited. 

Global markets are providing investors a rough ride at the moment, as the focus turns to China’s economic outlook. But while falling markets can be worrisome, maintaining a longer‑term perspective makes the volatility easier to handle.

The Surprising Power of Waiting

This great article from the website puts idle time into perspective.  So much of our time is spent doing something that whenever we have a free moment, we like to fill it up with more stuff to do even if it’s just mindless scrolling on our phones or thinking about the million and one things on our to-do list.