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iPhone Privacy Tip

If you have an iPhone, there is a location services setting that can track where you are at all times. When turned on, people who can access this information will know when you are away from home.

Accidental Millionaires

Vancouver homeowners face the prospect of sudden wealth as real estate values surge.  Earlier this year, Amanda Goldrick-Jones and Herbert Rosengarten sold the Kitsilano townhouse they had owned for 20 years and moved into a new condo at UniverCity, near Simon Fraser University.

What is CRM2 and How Does it Affect You?

CRM2 or “Client Relationship Model: Phase 2”, is an initiative mandated by the Canadian securities regulators for more transparency and better disclosure as it relates to Charges & Fees and Performance Reporting.  What does this mean for you? 

Lifeboat Drill

How would you feel if your position in an investment just dropped 20%? Would you like to switch topics?  I’ll kind of switch topics.  Boating through the Gulf Islands with a well-appointed boat and good weather makes a lifeboat drill so much easier.