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Gurus are Accurate Until They are Not

Jim Cramer, CNBC’s highly public “market guru” is wrong more frequently than the probability of flipping a coin in your favour. His stock tips as of May 2014 were right 47.6% of the time. Jim Cramer is an entertainer and he’s very good at that. But gurus are accurate until they are not. This isn’t an attack on Cramer. He’s just an easy target.

A Safari to Remember

To celebrate Ray’s wife’s, Mary-Ellen’s 50th birthday, the family took an amazing trip to South Africa and went on a thrilling adventure of going on a safari.  It truly was an unforgettable experience that his family will cherish for many years to come.

Waiting for the Next Apocalypse

As we end the first quarter of 2017, the financial markets seem relatively calm and the financial media has been strangely absent of any major economic or financial crisis.  But if we wait long enough, we are bound to hear or read about the impending doom.