Guiding Principles

At Danielson Group Wealth Management our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients and our community.

We are committed to making a difference everyday; continually getting better to keep us the best. Our guiding principles underpin everything that we do to help our clients define and then achieve their most important personal and financial goals.


We pursue excellence in everything we do, every day, with uncompromising honesty, integrity and respect. And we set the bar higher than other industry professionals by our commitment to delivering an unparalleled client experience.


We develop trusting relationships with our clients’ professional advisors to ensure our clients get superior benefit from their services. We collaborate as a team and with other industry leaders to continually improve our client service and experience.


We are fully present, deep listeners, explorers, and learners. Our perpetual curiosity uncovers the most important things that matter to our clients. It sparks innovation, inspires growth and drives trusting, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients and within our team.


We believe that compassion is more than simply being kind and considerate or showing concern or feeling empathy. We care deeply for our clients. We make it our mission to fully understand their needs, wants and dreams before working together. We’re with our clients every step of the way.


We are committed and courageous champions for our clients, ourselves, and each other. Courage gives us the moral and mental strength to provide unbiased advice that always puts our client’s interests first, even when clients get in their own way. We aren’t afraid to have tough conversations with our clients to ensure that they are being true to themselves, their goals and the lifestyle they desire.


Our success is intimately tied to the neighbourhoods that we live in and serve. We are good community citizens and deeply understand the value of building vital and strong communities. We are committed to delivering tangible and substantial support primarily to improve the lives of at risk children and youth. Our goal is to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

  • "People often have a fear that they will outlive their money. I’ve never had a client run out of money, but sadly a few have run out of time. Let’s explore what’s possible so you achieve the freedom to live the life of your dreams!"
  • "We understand that success is multi-dimensional and means more than just financial wealth."
  • "Having a team of professionals that understands your goals and manages your wealth means security and peace of mind for you and your family. Let us coordinate the complexities of your financial life so you can focus on what you do best."
  • "As a people person, I thrive on understanding and helping my clients and their families achieve their personal and financial goals. Sharing this journey with them is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."
  • "I love nothing more than to discover what’s important to my clients and why it’s important. Having this indepth picture helps me provide them with the best advice possible and a customized path to financial success."

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