Adopt a School

Adopt a School

Adopt-A-School was initiated by The Vancouver Sun newspaper when it published a letter from a school teacher at Admiral School Elementary. She wrote an impassioned open letter to Vancouver residents questioning if anyone cared about her inner-city students who were coming to school with empty tummies and holes in their shoes.

Since that day, donations flowed into the Adopt-A-School program and they have helped hundreds of Vancouver-area schoolchildren with boots to wear in the rain, a warm breakfast and experience things they would never otherwise have the opportunity to do simply because of poverty.

In 2014, Danielson Group Wealth Management sponsored Burnaby’s Capitol Hill Elementary. They have a breakfast program serving between 20-40 kids a day, averaging about 370 breakfast meals a month. All breakfast programs in the Metro region are paid for with private donations.

In 2015, we sponsored the SOS room at Norquay Elementary in Vancouver.  The acronym stands for Support Our Students and is a lifeline to as many as 14 impoverished families. 

2015 - Norquay School SOS room
2014 - Capitol Hill School breakfast program