YWCA is one of the largest and most diversified non-profit organizations in Metro Vancouver. Their mission is to touch the lives and build better futures for women and their families through advocacy and integrated services that foster economic independence, wellness, and equal opportunities.

They focus on achieving women’s equality through their many programs and services ranging from transitional housing to employment programs, a community kitchen and violence prevention.

Danielson Group Wealth Management has had a close connection with YWCA for the past 7 years. They have been volunteering their time as a team to participate in various activities with YWCA such as gardening in the community food garden, serving breakfast to the women and children at Crabtree Corner and assisting staff at CityGate Child Care Centre with activities.

YWCA – 2019 Volunteer Day

YWCA Rooftop Garden Cleanup

YWCA – 2018 Volunteer Day

Citygate Childcare Centre Cleanup crew
Deb and Sherry
Emma's Childcare Yard Cleanup
Emma's Childcare Yard Crew

YWCA – 2017 Volunteer Day

YWCA Rooftop Garden
YWCA Rooftop Garden
Karla, Ray and Debra at Crabtree Corner serving breakfast
Crabtree Corner buffet spread

 YWCA – 2016 Volunteer Day

Ray making french toast for the guests
Setting up the buffet
Breakfast team
Gardening at Semlin Gardens

YWCA – 2015 Volunteer Day

Crabtree Corner breakfast crew
Citygate playground
Yogurt Parfaits
Serving up breakfast at Crabtree Corner
Jeff & Tony at YWCA Rooftop Garden
Ray weeding
Rooftop garden cleaning team

YWCA – 2014 Volunteer Day

2014 Volunteer Day at YWCA
Alyssa weeding at YWCA Rooftop Garden
Debra planting handmade moth repellent
Green onions ready to harvest

YWCA – 2013 Volunteer Day

Volunteer gardeners at the YWCA Rooftop garden
Alyssa tilling the compost
More than 3000kgs of produce has come from this garden since 2007
David organizing toys at Citygate playground
Tony and Doug organizing the play area
Frank vacuuming up the playground

YWCA – 2012 Crabtree Breakfast

Serving up breakfast at YWCA Crabtree Corner
Frank and David smoothie team
Guests enjoying breakfast
David washing up from breakfast
2012 YWCA Crabtree Breakfast

YWCA – 2010 Crabtree Corner

Sorting clothes and toys at the YWCA Thrift Shop
David power washing the playground
Frank scrubbing the slide
Ray enjoying a peaceful moment
Getting a tour of the YWCA Crabtree Corner facility