David Woo

David Woo

For 25 years, David has been providing personal wealth and financial planning advice for a select number of high net worth and affluent client households on their comprehensive wealth management needs that affect themselves and their families.

As a partner of Danielson Group Wealth Management within Assante Capital Management Ltd., we work together with our client’s trusted professional advisors on matters involving tax, estate, insurance and investments to deliver integrated wealth management advice and solutions that are tailored to each client household.

David is grateful for each of his client relationships, for the opportunity to make an impact in his client’s lives, and for the opportunity to be part of their life journey.

Clarity and empathy are at the heart of his personal philosophy.  He seeks to understand not only what is important to his clients, but also ‘why’ that is important.  The ‘why is his purpose. It is behind everything we do and everything that is important to us.

Giving back and serving others has always been a personal way of being – it comes from within.  From a professional perspective, this has resulted in charitable giving and philanthropy becoming a cornerstone for an increasing number of wealth planning conversations. By helping individuals put ‘scarcity’ into perspective so that ‘abundance’ and ‘gratitude’ become part of their thought process, it increases their ability and desire to positively impact the lives of others.


Life Outside Of Work:

  • Being able to enjoy the beautiful West Coast landscape with a run or hike along the local trails, kayaking or skiing
  • My loving wife, son and large family – 5 sisters and 17 nieces and nephews!
  • Amazing relationships and trust he has developed with his clients

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David Woo
Senior Financial Planner, B.Comm, CFP, CIM, RFP

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