5 iPhone Tips You May Not Know

It’s no coincidence that the entire Danielson Group team has an iPhone. Our phones are always by our side wherever we go. We’ve compiled some of our best tips to share with you.

1. Better way to take pictures

Sometimes it can be hard to hold the phone steady and position the thumb just so when using the button on the screen. An easier way is to use the volume up (+) button on the side to take a picture. When in camera mode, just click on the (+) button to take a picture. This sturdy button makes it easier to tell when you’ve taken a picture and for taking self-portraits.

iPhone Tips

2. Quickly delete messages from your inbox

When you know right away that you want to delete an email, just swipe from right to left of the email, and you can ‘trash’ it or do other functions like ‘reply’ or ‘forward’ without having to open it.

iPhone Tricks

3. Viewing timestamps of messages

Want to know the exact time you received or sent a text? Just touch the text bubble and swipe to the left without letting go. You’ll see all the timestamps of each text.

iPhone Shortcuts

4. Saving pictures from the web

Found something fabulous online that you want to make sure you don’t forget? Save a picture of it to your photo album by holding your finger on any picture until the ‘Save Image’ text comes up. When you save it, it goes right to your photo album for future viewing.

iPhone 4

5. Managing your apps into custom folders

When you have a lot of apps, it’s a good idea to organize them into sub folders, especially ones you don’t need to access quickly. Just hold your finger on the app you want to move until the apps start to wiggle, then start merging it into another app to create a new folder. You will then be able to name your folder and organize what goes where. I use this for games or shopping apps so they don’t take up so much space on my screens.

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