Behaviourally Smart Advisors Engage Clients for Life

Original article taken fromDNA Behavior BlogbyPeggy Mengel.

How engaging are your client experiences?

Your answer might depend on how you define the word “engaging”.

Customer engagement is the repeated and satisfying interactions that strengthen the emotional connection your client has with your firm.

And the emotional connection needs to start at the very first meeting. A quick question to ask yourself is, “Do your personalities match or clash?”

It’s the answer to the “does he or she really get me?” question that goes on in the mind of the client.

Let’s look at 4 different styles of clients and how they may determine the answer to that question.

1. Goal Setting: Did the advisor quickly move towards identifying my goals?

2. Lifestyle: Was the advisor fun and optimistic? Did the advisor let me do most of the talking?

3. Information: Did the advisor answer all of my questions thoroughly and give me time to think?

4. Stability: Did the advisor seem truly concerned and interested in my family? was the place of the meeting relaxed?

When you consider 93.6% of the financial planning process is behavioural management of the client, you might pause to consider, “how much of the client do you really want to manage?” If they are opposite you in personality, you will be managing a lot!

Make a conscious and strategic decision to uncover the complete personality of the client in your on-boarding process. You will find that it becomes a key success factor in creating truly engaging client experiences.