Debra’s Running Journey

I’ve been a casual runner for over 15 years – participating in countless events like the Sun Run, Turkey Trot, Coho Run, BMO, and many more. I have more running event t-shirts than regular t-shirts. I collect them and store them neatly in my drawer as memories of each event. I even save the bibs and put them in a binder with my time on them.

I’m not a fast runner by any means and I actually don’t think I even love running all that much – my legs get sore, I’m in a constant battle with my mind that tells me to stop and I feel like I never get any faster. You would think with this mindset that I would have stopped. But I haven’t. Far from it. The running community I’ve found is a strong and supportive group who consistently cheers you on and encourages you to get out there. I run in a group that shares each others wins and struggles, no matter how big or small they are. Whether it’s getting back out for a walk after an injury or completing their personal best at a half marathon. They have made it fun and even like a team sport. 

After a running hiatus of over a year, I was ready to get back into it again. With gyms closed, now was the perfect time to slowly get my body used to running. I messaged my running group letting them know and as expected, they celebrated my return with the encouragement I needed to continue. Even though we can’t all meet together for a run right now, I know that once we do meet up, it will be like we never missed a step.