In The Community

Crabtree Corner breakfast crew
Citygate playground
Yogurt Parfaits
Serving up breakfast at Crabtree Corner
Jeff & Tony at YWCA Rooftop Garden
Ray weeding
Rooftop garden cleaning team
Volunteer gardeners at the YWCA Rooftop garden
Alyssa tilling the compost
More than 3000kgs of produce has come from this garden since 2007
David organizing toys at Citygate playground
Tony and Doug organizing the play area
Frank vacuuming up the playground
Serving up breakfast at YWCA Crabtree Corner
Frank and David smoothie team
Guests enjoying breakfast
David washing up from breakfast
2012 YWCA Crabtree Breakfast
Frank and Tony at KidSport fundraiser
Ray and Mary Ellen
Tony, John Smiley and his wife Kathleen
Sorting clothes and toys at the YWCA Thrift Shop
David power washing the playground
Frank scrubbing the slide
Ray enjoying a peaceful moment
Getting a tour of the YWCA Crabtree Corner facility