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We believe that informed investors make better decisions. When you understand how markets work – and how human psychology can get in the way, you are more likely to stick to a long-term plan. Developing the skills and knowledge to make smart and informed decisions helps you become more financially confident and empowered. We share our insights and experience through these articles, research pieces, videos and white papers.

Bonds Going Up?

Stocks and bonds are the two main ingredients in all balanced portfolios. Traditionally, investors think of stocks as the more risky of the two assets, while bonds are perceived as a safe haven. For most of the last 30 years, that has been true. But it’s important for investors to understand that bonds, too, carry risk – indeed, as Warren Buffett put it recently, “Right now bonds should come with a warning label.”

Common Law Relationships In B.C.

Shacking Up Redefined: Ready or Not the Family Law Act is Here!

If you thought you were safe from the pitfalls of marriage…think again. The Family Law Act has invaded the bedrooms of British Columbians across the province and has changed the face of family law in British Columbia when it comes to property and support issues.

Things You Can Control

Overconfidence is a huge problem when it comes to making investment decisions. In fact, it’s a huge problem when we’re dealing with any issue that has an unknown outcome. It’s clear that we’re very bad at dealing with unknown outcomes, but the biggest problem is that we actually think we’re good at it.

Why You Should Know Gene Fama

Gene Fama was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Professor Fama’s groundbreaking work on asset pricing and markets inspired the founding of Dimensional, and his ongoing contributions have guided their investment approach for more than three decades.