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We believe that informed investors make better decisions. When you understand how markets work – and how human psychology can get in the way, you are more likely to stick to a long-term plan. Developing the skills and knowledge to make smart and informed decisions helps you become more financially confident and empowered. We share our insights and experience through these articles, research pieces, videos and white papers.

Repeat Until Happy

What do you need to be happy? It’s a question that’s tripped up more than one person because we can have a hard time separating need from want. After all, it’s not automatically bad to want something. Things just get confusing when we start saying need in place of want.

The Behaviour Gap

Investor behaviour matters, probably even more than skill. It helps to understand one fundamental concept: Investment returns and investor returns are almost always different. You earn the investment return if you invest your money and then don’t touch it. No buying, no selling, just holding. But real people rarely invest this way.

Values & Capital

The reality is that there is no such thing as the best investment. But that doesn’t seem to stop us from looking for it. What if instead of spending so much time searching for the best financial product, we spent our time reflecting on what’s really important to us and then aligning our use of capital with those values?