Repeat Until Happy

What do you need to be happy? It’s a question that’s tripped up more than one person because we can have a hard time separating need from want. After all, it’s not automatically bad to want something. Things just get confusing when we start saying need in place of want.

For instance, think about the latest gadget or gizmo you really wanted and then decided you needed. How long was it until you forgot exactly why you needed it in the first place?

The pursuit of more often puts us on a treadmill, a never-ending cycle of sorts that leaves us thinking that if just one more want – sorry – need is satisfied, we’ll be happy. But that’s so rarely the case. Instead we end up dissatisfied and anxiously awaiting the next thing we need to be happy.

We are surrounded by messages and messengers that benefit from this cycle. But don’t be afraid to hit the pause button and ask, “Why?” The better you can understand why you want to buy or do something the better you can assess if you’re going in circles or fulfilling a real need.