Restaurant Review – Vij’s

Review by Janet Gilray

I recently ate at Vij’s for the first time.  They don’t take reservations so past attempts to go were always greeted with an hour and a half wait.  This is really the only negative thing I can say and I assure you it is quickly forgotten as soon as you put that first morsel of food in your mouth.  A friend and I had theatre tickets at the Stanley and wanted to go for dinner first, so we thought since Vij’s was just a block away we would try our luck.  It was a Wednesday night and possibly one of the slower nights so we got in right away.

As soon as we were seated, we were poured some Chai tea and offered a platter of bite size yumminess to tantalize our palates for what was to come.  The service was impeccable as they don’t assign just one server to your table but numerous to ensure you have everything that you may need every second of the dining extravagance. Vij’s himself even stops by to thank you personally for dinner at his establishment.  The food? Well words cannot begin to describe the deliciousness of each bite, you will just have to go and see for yourself!

1480 West 11th Ave. Vancouver 604-736-6664 |

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