The Value of Advice

Investor vs. Investment Returns

Our fees are open and transparent.  Our clients compensate us.  We do not receive payments from any third party. We have no financial incentive to recommend any particular investment.

Since you pay us, you have every right to know what you are receiving and how our advice benefits you.

We are holistic wealth advisers.  Recommending investments is integral to our service offering, but only a small part of what we do.  We explore all aspects of your financial life, including insurance, estate planning, taxes, and even your business strategy.

Our focus is on maximizing returns from your investments for the amount of risk taken and helping you achieve your financial and life goals.

For larger clients with more complex needs, we provide comprehensive private family office and personal CFO services.

We can quantify the value a financial advisory can bring.  In a landmark study, Vanguard found that competent advisers can add about 3% annually (after taxes and fees) to their clients.  It varies from year to year and according to client circumstances.

The Vanguard study looked at the benefit of having an adviser construct a  portfolio of low-cost mutual funds in a suitable asset allocation, rebalance portfolios, implement a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy and provide advice that keeps clients focused on an investment plan, especially when the stock market turns downward.

There’s something about our service we can’t quantify.

At the Danielson Group, we give our clients peace of mind.

That’s priceless.