Financial security is important for people of all ages, but it becomes a preoccupation for retirees.

It’s a priority for retirees to ensure their investments will stay ahead of inflation, allowing them to preserve their standard of living. Our retired clients often need help in managing income from various sources in the most tax-efficient way. And they want assurance that their loved ones and favourite charities will receive a lasting legacy.

Retirees face a number of financial issues:

  • Several income sources (investments, pensions, dividends, government benefits) that need to be integrated
  • The need for objective financial advice and personalized service
  • Potentially large tax liabilities from drawing down registered accounts
  • Concerns about how much can safely be withdrawn annually from the portfolio
  • Unreliable investment strategies producing disappointing returns
  • Planned charitable giving and bequests
  • Transferring wealth effectively to children or grandchildren

Our retired clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having a team professionals who manage their wealth.  Our customized service and close attention to detail allows our retired clients to devote their time and energy to enjoying the lifestyle they have worked so hard to achieve.