Private Family Office


Think of a Private Family Office as a team of experienced professionals who work exclusively for you and your family.

*These specific services are coordinated outside of Assante Capital Management Ltd. They have been highlighted here to illustrate the depth and breadth of our experience.

**Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.

Whether your issues are simple or complex, they need to be properly addressed.  As your personal full service wealth management team, we provide advice that is custom-built to your needs. We coordinate and work closely with your other trusted professional advisers to ensure your wealth management needs and goals are fully integrated and optimized. As your family’s trusted partner, we understand that success is multi-dimensional and represents more than just financial wealth. It’s why we care deeply about understanding what your family wants to achieve with their wealth. Because of our uncompromising commitment to providing you with unsurpassed service, we purposely keep our private family office advisor ratio one of the lowest in the industry.

Three unique approaches to supporting our private family office clients.

Solving Financial Problems

Our proprietary six-step Wealth 360 process identifies and solves financial problems that stand in the way of a sound plan. Our goal as your Personal CFO is to help manage the complexities of wealth so you can focus on setting and achieving your financial goals. We meet with you and your family members at regular intervals to identify and resolve any new problems that may arise.

Achieve Financial Goals

You and your family have a variety of financial goals, each with a different value and time frame. By identifying an approximate budget and timing for each goal, planning becomes simple. We help identify the purposes for your money, and then help you choose the most effective solutions for realizing those goals.

Managing Financial Projects

At Danielson Group Wealth Management, every member of our team has a role in your Private Family Office. Each of us has specialized skills, knowledge and experience to help manage projects from start to finish.

Once we identify the steps necessary to achieve a financial goal, we assign tasks to specific members of our team. We track these tasks, accountabilities and deadlines in our Wealth 360 Project Portal to ensure that everyone is making progress.

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