Your Financial DNA

Turning your financial personality into performance

Everyone has a unique relationship with money; the most important factor in helping clients achieve financial success is for advisors to help understand and manage that relationship.  We are one of a small group of advisors in North America who use an innovative technology-based discovery application called Financial DNA.

How we accomplish this:
  • Understanding your money motivators and personal risk tolerance
  • Learning about your values, passions, vision, and life experiences
  • Understanding what your financial behavioural biases are (i.e. risk of loss, overconfidence)

A complete understanding of the above allows our team to communicate more effectively and serve your family better.

You will also:
  • Become more aware of your financial personality. This helps you make more confident investment decisions and communicate more effectively with your partner and family
  • Learn how to recognize the motivation behind your best and worst financial decisions
  • Become more disciplined in your decision making and avoid emotional reactions to markets
  • Establish a protocol for us to communicate and serve you and your family better

Our experience has shown that financial success is not just about making good investment decisions. It is also about managing the many psychological and emotional pitfalls we face during the journey.

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