Your Personal CFO

Your Personal CFO

Our Personal CFO program simplifies decision making and helps translates complex financial affairs into an easy-to-understand plan. Our team of professionals manages the complexities of your wealth, leaving you worry-free to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.

What is a Personal CFO

A Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, is a key corporate executive who preserves a company’s assets, identifies and manages risk, and handles all the details shaping the company’s overall financial strategy.

Think of your personal wealth as an investment corporation, with Danielson Group Wealth Management as your Personal CFO. Under your direction, we perform similar roles as we preserve and grow your family’s wealth.

Professional Collaboration

Our clients and their professional advisors are busier than ever. It’s crucial that someone stands in the center of all the activity to ensure your wealth is being safeguarded, optimized and managed effectively. That’s our job. And we do it well.

Wealthy people often work with several professionals, such as an accountant, tax advisor, banker, insurance agent, money manager and lawyer. As your Personal CFO, we are your financial quarterback. We make sure that all of the players are on the same playing field, working towards your most important goals.

We’re On Your Side

As your Personal CFO, we only care about you.  With our unbiased approach, we can act as the “bad guy” and intervene on your behalf if you are being pressured with investment opportunities or hard-sell tactics by other financial professionals.


Our advisor fees are fully transparent and never disguised in the price of investments of other financial products. Objective advice can pay for itself with lower investment costs and significant tax savings – not to mention the peace of mind it gives you.