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Mutual Funds Scored In 2013

Original article and image is taken from the Financial Post by Michael Nairne

Mutual fund marketers must be licking their chops in anticipation of attracting assets in 2014. Boosted by the tailwind of a falling Canadian dollar, the S&P 500 delivered a stunning 41.3% return in 2013, the most impressive annual performance in over half a century. International stock markets finished a strong second with the MSCI EAFE up 31.6%, its best performance since 1993 and seventh best showing in over 40 years.

Are You A Victim Of Home Bias?

Having a bias for your home country is, ironically, truly global, especially among investors. Mutual fund and equity investors alike all around the world tend to shy away from “foreign” markets, preferring to stick to the funds that are close to home – a phenomenon that”s known as “home bias” or “domestic bias.”