High Net Worth Families

Face unique and complex challenges.

In today’s uncertain economic environment, those challenges can be particularly unsettling. You may have concerns about integrating your business and personal lives or uncertainty about succession planning. There may be family governance issues or simply an overwhelming feeling that your financial affairs are not organized and optimized. Most of all, you want to enjoy your lifestyle without having to worry about the wealth that makes it all possible.

For our high net worth families, our goal is to simplify and enrich your lives.

  • We operate like a trusted partner or extension of your family or management team
  • We are your personal full-service wealth management team. Our advice is objective and specifically tailored to your needs
  • We coordinate and work closely with your other trusted professional advisors
  • We gain a full understanding of your family’s personal, financial, organizational and charitable goals, and we work daily to help you accomplish them
  • We recognize that life changes over the years and that timely adjustments and consistent oversight are essential for your financial plan to succeed
  • We purposely keep our private family office advisor ratio one of the lowest in the industry ensuring you receive exceptional service

We ensure you will always know where you stand in relation to your financial goals. As your Personal CFO, we provide a stabilizing presence and financial peace of mind for you and your family so you can enjoy your wealth without worry.

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Praise From Clients

  • Frank and Ray are unlike any financial advisors we have worked with. They look far into the future assessing both income and expenses to give us a plan we can work with. They have taken the time to get to know us and our families. Now that our children are in their twenties Frank and Ray are providing them with invaluable advice about their finances, mortgages, and investing. Their timely reporting, annual general meeting, clear communications, and 100% service-oriented attitude has made them invaluable partners in our lives.

    David Greer
    Vice President, Marketing
    Webtech Wireless Inc
  • David is knowledgeable and conscientious. His passion to identify financial solutions has led to an investment approach based on the research of the world’s leading financial minds. The result has been an investment strategy that is grounded in academic science. With a focus on client education, David and his team regularly communicates with us by email, phone calls and meetings. I can confidently recommend the services of David Woo.

    Paul C. Burns
    Founding Tutor at Quest University Canada
    Emeritus Associate Professor at UBC, Retired

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