Affluent Retirees

Living your dreams while we manage the details

It’s a priority for retirees to ensure their investments will stay ahead of inflation, allowing them to preserve their standard of living. Our retired clients often need help in managing income from various sources in the most tax-efficient way. And they want assurance that their loved ones and favourite charities will receive a lasting legacy.

Retirees face a number of financial issues:

  • Several income sources (investments, pensions, dividends, government benefits) that need to be integrated
  • The need for objective financial advice and personalized service
  • Potentially large tax liabilities from drawing down registered accounts
  • Concerns about how much can safely be withdrawn annually from the portfolio
  • Unreliable investment strategies producing disappointing returns
  • Planned charitable giving and bequests
  • Transferring wealth effectively to children or grandchildren

Our retired clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having a team professionals who manage their wealth.  Our customized service and close attention to detail allows our retired clients to devote their time and energy to enjoying the lifestyle they have worked so hard to achieve.

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Praise From Clients

  • My wife and I are long-term clients of DGWM. Their management of our investments is outstanding, but what we really appreciate are the other services they provide. Recently we needed to renew our will because of changes in USA income tax laws for out of country citizens. DGWM helped us secure the services of an outstanding lawyer who successfully resolved our issues. This is a typical extra touch that DGWM happily offers.

    Frank & Phyllis Abbott
  • Ray’s role extends well beyond managing our investments. He provides expert guidance on all financial matters from income tax strategies and preparing wills and powers of attorney, to investment borrowing. Not only does he genuinely care for me and my family, it is reassuring to know that he is always available to provide immediate advice on financial decisions.

    Dr. Gordon Page
  • For over 15 years, Danielson Group Wealth Management has helped me achieve my financial goals. This expertise was particularly welcome and reassuring during the economic uncertainty in 2008. DGWM’s communication and client service is unparalleled. Our regular face-to-face meetings keep information current and accurate, but more importantly, I have someone who knows me well and will always provide me with prompt responses and efficient action.

    Harry Edinger
  • Frank Danielson and Ray Glicksohn have been my brilliant and trusted financial companions for years. While they take the burden of concern off my shoulders, we receive much more than financial security. They provide real estate, income tax, travel health insurance, estate planning advice, and they assign powers of attorney. As we travel extensively, Ray resolves difficulties when they unexpectedly arise - he has ALL my personal information!

    James V. Zidek
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Statistics
  • Danielson Group Wealth Management epitomizes excellence in financial management. Their wisdom in applying sound philosophical and economic principles of investment to custom design financial portfolios is always carefully aligned with a deep understanding of their clients. Their mission to help clients enjoy lives of purpose and meaning simply underlines the principal focus of the Danielson Group: respect for the integrity and worth of each person.

    Dr. Shirley Sullivan, FRSC
    Professor Emeritus of Classics
    University of British Columbia

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