Investment Philosophy

The most important thing about an Investment Philosophy is that you have one.

Our investment philosophy begins with understanding and embracing a scientific approach to investing.

It is centered around the great ideas that have come from the world of financial economics and academic research.  Just as how ‘scientific research’ has led to continuous advancements and great discoveries in health and technology, a scientific approach into the behaviour of stock prices has resulted in important financial discoveries into what drives stock prices.

This scientific research, representing decades of work by Nobel-Prize Laureates into how capital markets truly work, allows investors to structure their portfolios for higher expected returns compared to more conventional approaches to investing.    

Finally, by partnering with and taking advantage of the unique advantage of scale offered through global world-class investment firms, our evidenced-based approach helps you implement a portfolio that minimize costs, diversifies your portfolio and is tax efficient – all based on empirical research, not speculation.

It’s important to us to deliver an outstanding investment experience and that long-term results match long-term research.   After all, it’s all about our client’s past and their future.

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